• ​Merry Christmas my friends. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time with lots of love and family and friends around. Have an amazing time in "between the years" and a "good slide into New Year". If you get the chance, check out my new coaching website



• What an incredible year it has been so far, so may exciting news: 

  •  I had the pleasure of portraying Lady Capulet again in Romeo & Juliet. Over the summer I practically lived by the baltic sea took long walks on the beach and meditated in the forest. We also had a little tour with the KLassik am Meer Company which took us the the beautiful Goethe Theater, Bad Lauchstedt. If you are interested in Theater and in Architecture, you need to go visit this Theater - Goethe himself designed it!

  • In August I was featured in an extremely funny commercial for Aldi

      Check it out HERE

  • I was part of the big GZSZ Family. My episode will be screened Dec 10th, 2018.

  • I finally stepped up to my full potential and made my other passion a reality. I am on a mission to inspire and help women all over the globe to upgreat their operating systems and turn into the Superwoman they are born to be. I have created my own Methodology by incorporating Reiki (I am a Reiki Master), EFT and other healing Techniques to not only help you find your vision and create a successful work-life balance but also transform and heal your past. If you like to get in touch or get to know about UPGREAT COACHING click right HERE.



• My Castclip is now online in german and english. You can find it on my REEL - page (or just click here).



• NEWs NEWs NEWs - From now on I will be repesented by the Agency Mai & Juli. Looking forward to a fruitful relationship.

• Headshotshooting with the amazing photographer Paul Zimmer. Watch out for the new shots on my PICs page.

• Shooting with the wonderful Oliver Betke. The new Castclip will be online soon.


JULY 2017

• Premiere of Romeo & Juliet at the Feldsteinkirche in Koserow, Usedom. After 6 weeks of intensive rehearsal we are ready to hit the stage. I will be playing Juliet's mother 'Lady Capulet'. 

MARCH 2017

• On my Reel page is another surprise, check it out!

• Happy New Year! Well, it's been a while since my last post and so much has happend in the meantime: I took a little break touring Thailand. You can follow my experience on Instagram.

Secondly, I will return to the Klassik am Meer Theater - I will be Lady Capulet in Shakespears "Romeo & Juliet". Rehearsal starts in May and Opening night is July 6th in Koserow, Isle of Usedom, Germany.

For Tickets and more Information go to

JULY 2016

• So wonderful: I am starring in the Theaterplay "Emilia Galotti" by G.E. Lessing as the Countess Orsina. The rehearsal has been a real blast and my colleages are amazing. Opening night is July 14th in the old church in Koserow, Isle of Usedom, Germany.

For further info go and visit (it's in german):


• *HAPPY NEW YEAR* and may this be your best year ever!!!



• Wishing you all a wonderful christmas time, joyful hours with your                families and a safe trip home, whereever you are. Here a little comedy         scene for the holidays. Enjoy!














• Christmas season is a wonderful season. My commercial for Thalia Tolino      is running a lot and I still like it a lot. Have fun watching! 













• Happy to be part of such an amazing project. For the Von Hoffman Picture    Company, Beauregarde von Hoffman and I created "Nurse Kristina", who    you can visit on my PICs page.


• Yes!!!! My new Website is online, with lots of new pictures, features and      other fun stuff. Have a look and enjoy.